Do you need more cozy in your life?

Liz Marie Galvan is your gal.

If you love snuggling up with a dog-eared copy of your favourite book beside a merrily crackling fire, sipping something warm–you’ll love her style.

Whether you live in a country farmhouse or an urban apartment, Liz’s exclusive home décor items – inspired by her best-selling book Cozy White Cottage – will create cozy in every room of your home.

(Psst–these make the perfect gift to put under the tree for your favourite cozy enthusiast!)

Bright Moments

Cozy Afternoons

New Experiences

“Comfort, warmth, security .. for me, these three things evoke coziness-that soul-deep feeling of being at home” & I wanted to pass the gift of cozy onto you, I curated each item in this box specifically to create cozy moments in your life!”

Featured Product: Ultimate Cozy Box w/ Blanket

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create cozy in every room of your home

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